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ProValid, LLC specializes in consulting for post-silicon hardware validation.

ProValid takes a unique and comprehensive approach to validating systems, including embedded SoCs, desktops, and servers.  Ordinary verification just checks that a design matches a specification. Validation ensures higher quality by testing that the system works as intended.

ProValid has developed a product named BURST to systematically and continuously run pseudo-random self-checking tests on the target hardware.  BURST stresses the system with a full traffic load across CPUs and peripherals to find the really difficult, real-world bugs that more simplistic tests might miss.  BURST is designed to be debugged, producing repeatable failures to allow for trace capture or other debugging.

Many companies invest heavily in pre-silicon simulation, and then run mediocre tests on emulators or actual silicon. Their coverage is limited by what they could do in simulation. BURST picks up where simulation leaves off, and finds the more complex bugs that simulation will miss on emulators or on the actual silicon.

BURST currently runs on x86, PowerPC, and ARM based systems, and can be ported to new architectures and systems.  BURST has found unique bugs – not on errata lists – on every system it has been run on, including chips from Intel, AMD, Nvidia, IBM, and Motorola.

BURST is unique — no one else is offering a tool as effective.  ProValid gives your company the power it needs to revolutionize the way it finds bugs and allows you to ship hardware where defects have been eliminated.

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